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Current & Upcoming Events

All Glory Be to Christ

Dixie _ Luan Quach_ Faith Hope Love Poster_ Ledger size.jpg

Past Events

Fairchild Youtube.jpeg
TWS Juror.png
TWS Workshop.png
TWS Workshop 2.png
Students prep.png
Art Inspire Wave 2.jpg
Art class gruaduation speech.jpg

Wave 2 Watercolour Class Preparing for exhibition at MCAC.

NAA at Neilson Park Centre.jpeg

Advisor to NAA 

Legend Media.png
stories in light Oct 2023.jpeg
Wave 1- me.jpg
Wave 1 exhibition wall display.jpg
Wave 1 audience.jpg
Wave 1 me 2.jpg

Wave 1:  Drawing Class  exhibition at MCAC.

DWA Demo.png
Art_Gold Artist page 8-9 ArtAscent.jpg

Small Title

Image CAEAC.png
IWS Jan 23 2022 zoom demo.png
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